Saturday, January 3, 2009

Is ignorance really bliss?

"Papa!, mari sini!" At first, i thought i was hallucinating. Then again "Papa!, mari sini!". I rushed to the door way to find my 2 1/2 year old son squatting by the fallen baby stroller. He looked at me and waved his left hand gesturing me to come closer to him and and gently uttered, "Papa! Mari sini", "See! it fall down". He was oblivious to his grammatical error and i didn't mind. But, what i did mind though, was, how out of touch i was with my son's development. I have been ignorant of the fact that he had picked up a second language. "Where have i been all this while?" i thought. "I had to make good this break and start catching up with my very much back logged family life". And make good, i did. No computer, no newspapers, no Malaysiakini, no The Malaysian Insider, no blogs. I was in my own "sanctuary", where i remained politically stupid for a week. My time was spent catching up with wify and my two little ones, oblivious of the happenings around me. What a good week it was. Ignorance was bliss!

Returning back to work just for a day on the 30th, knowing that i'm going to be on leave again the next two days was a real drag. That morning all i wanted to do, as i laboured myself out of bed, was to get back in bed and cuddle up with my nice, warm and cozy son!

Got back to the clinic, turned on my laptop and ran through the happenings in Malaysia and around the world with my thoughts still visualizing how i was going to be spending the next two days with my kids. Then, while reading of the happenings at the Gaza strip, i chanced upon some pictures that made my heart sink:

A relative carrying the body of 4-year-old girl, Dena Balosha, during her funeral in Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

Did they launch rockets on Israelis too?

What do you think she's going to tell her children when she comes out of the hospital?

One lesser place to seek solace.

Where do you think they spent new year's?

While New Year revellers were misbehaving on the streets of Malaysia, these Palestinian youngsters were on the streets trying to protect whatever little roof left for their loved ones.

Guess what kind of "Fire" works display they were watching during the new year countdown? We had a home to return to after watching ours. Did they?

I dread to even guess what this guy is asking for in his prayers.

The brave warrior! and i'm not talking about the guy in the uniform. This David has no chance in the world to beat the Goliath in this one.

Some of the thousands who were robbed off their childhood and their lives. They did not deserve this! What kind of animals do this to innocent children? If these photographs did not send tears rolling down your cheeks, i don't know what will.

Here's the guy who is currently playing god! (seated in the middle, Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of Israel).
One can stumble upon thousands of gruesome photos of slain Palestinian women and children in the Internet. But of what value are these pictures and write ups when all that we can do is sit and complain. What's the use of the UN? I will not start with the U.S. as it would be a waste of my precious time.
I had some Palestinian buddies during medical school. They were Palestinians living in various parts of the world other than Palestine. From them i learnt that the well connected and well to do Palestinians had long left their homeland to seek refuge in other countries. The ones left behind to live through this nightmare are the poor souls who were not gifted with the financial affordability to tag along with their more well off Palestinian brothers and sisters.
Where is the justice in Israel's actions? Some defend Israel's move by condemning the barrage of rockets fired from Gaza into Southern Israel even through the period of the truce. Come on people, let's compare an apple to an apple please. Rockets vs sophisticated, state of the art warplanes? Rockets vs latest technology equipped armoured tanks? Stone hailing youths vs specially trained arm force with heavy armour and sophisticated weapons? You kill 3 of ours and we kill 400 of yours?
Mr.Olmert, please stop. Enough of sacrificing innocent people to quench your thirst for revenge and political mileage. You snatched their land from right under their noses and now you call them terrorists. Who is the real terrorist here? Please stop these atrocities and genocide immediately and unconditionally. Stop playing god!
I join hands with all peace loving humans of the world in condemning this utterly inhumane and cowardly act by your Zionist regime. Shame on you!
Shame on me too. What is my microscopic discomfort compared to the agony of these very unfortunate creations of god? Now i ask myself, is ignorance really bliss?
For those who are still unclear of the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict, you can read it from my previous post here.


mamasita said...

Very tearful pictures on the Gaza massacre.We are living in a mad world Doc.No other country can 'whack' this tiny bloody-bastard called Israel!No wonder Hitler wanted to kill the Jews off.Maybe he saw their killer instincts and brutal atrocities through a magic ball!Sorry Doc!Really2 sad and geram!
Reminds me of the movie The Omen!


your words are still very kind compared to all the words that were playing in my mind while i was writing this post. It is an undeniable fact that Israelis are gifted with 4 things:intelligence, arrogance, money and a good friend, the U.S. This is a very dangereous combination. Any type of equation using these four elements will always spell victory for the Israelis. They know very well that they just can't lose.
So how do we help the Palestinians? There are thousands of NGOs out there that are trying to contribute, but very meagre help actually reaches the people. We need more free access to make sure help reaches them. Let's hope for more international pressure on Israel to stop these barbaric acts and to allow more access for aid to reach the victims. In the mean time Bush is still talking C*&# (sorry for the language) and blaming the Palestinians for whatever that's happening to them. A very sad state of affairs indeed. For now let's just start by praying for them.

masterwordsmith said...

Dear Dr. Saravanan,

Your post took me on a rough roller-coaster ride of emotions.

Firstly, I could empathize with you re your feelings about your son. At one point, I was so absorbed with my reading, blogging that I lost touch with myself and my son and I missed a few months of his development too.

And after my encounter, I was absorbed with my grief and while now I have almost recovered, Jan 28th approaches with the sword of Damocles hanging over my head.

Since then, I only visit 7 blogs regularly including yours and mamasita's. I don't read news portals or watch the news and am quite out of touch with the local and international scene until the attack on the Gaza strip.

Your post jolted me to the harsh and gruesome reality of the war there. This post is even more heart-wrenching with the selection of depressing pics that serve to remind us of what happens when mean people commit crimes and try to justify it.

Indeed you are right. What is the magnitude our personal struggles compared to what these innocent victims are going through? Thanks for helping me to take my eyes off myself and to see injustice for what it is.

Thank you also for the previous post on the synopsis of the conflict. Few would dare to commit themselves to research the background of this conflict but the fact that you did and had a sequel to that post speaks of your deep commitment and concern for the conflict.

May peace come soon and may God bless you and your family.


Hi Paula,
sorry for the late reply. Am somewhat under the weather at the moment and to make things worse my old shoulder dislocation is also acting up. I am very honored and humbled that mine is one of the 7 blogs that you actually read. Now i will have to belanja you more than just an ice blended when we meet. Judging from you the photos on your blog, maybe i'll belanja you something Western ok.

The credit for this article should go to the people who originally wrote it. i only did some editing. I somewhat knew the story but never got down to wording it. That's when i found this piece that was short, sweet and objective.

Many who are not of the Christian or Muslim faith are actually unaware of the 'where, when and how' of this long standing conflict. I've tried speaking to many about this and learnt that many know the story somewhat from the Six Day War onwards and are unclear about what exactly happened prior to that war. I hope my post would enlightened many as how it had enlightened you.

You know Paula, you are actually a good soul. If there's anything about you that i would like to boast about, it would be your humility and optimism, values that paople at large lack. You are a role model to the bible's wisdom on humility. Thanks for being you.

danesh said...

The world is filled with people who are greedy for power. Who taint the meaning of religion and use is as an excuse to kill and torture.

They is no god, i repeat no god who demands the life of he's creation.


Antares said...

Most humans are as yet unaware that they are perceived as dispensable pawns in a giant chess game played by "Olympians" - the Oligarchs & Plutocrats of the world who are so fond of forming themselves into secret societies with pyramidal hierarchies. Being Jewish (like being Muslim) means only that one has embraced Judaism (or Islam) - it is no indicator of ethnicity or nationality. However, being Zionist is an entirely different ideology founded on Jewish Supremacism stemming from Abraham's covenant with Yahweh. In this insidious respect, Zionism is pretty much akin to the Ketuanan Melayu ethos espoused by hardcore Umno members. Behind the Zionist ideology is an even more sinister conspiracy that transcends race, religion and nationality. Perhaps this chapter from an unpublished manuscript which I turned into a blogpost two years ago will shed some light on the subject.

Thanks, Doc, for expressing your feelings on the hideous & deadly violence that has brought misery & pain to millions - not just in the Middle East but throughout the planet.


Hi Danesh,
thanks for dropping by my blog and thanks for the comment. Danesh, i am on the same page with you on this one. It is in god's hands to create or to take away a life. And then you have some lesser being trying play god and creates and justifies anarchy in the name of justice. It is even more annoying to see this anarchist carrying out his ethnic cleansing mission with much nonchalance and with absolutely no sense of remorse what so ever.
Israel might be finding itself on the wrong side of the divide when Asia becomes the next super power region of the world, and i hope it happens soon.
Take care and have a nice day.


Ah! Antares the wise one,
thanks for dropping by. I'm much humbled by your visit to my blog. Just read your blogpost from the link. How true the final paragraph is:
"A shadowy consortium of potentates and warlords (who inherited or usurped the divine right of rulership from the ancient Sky Gods) pull the economic, political, military, academic and religious strings on this planet – and they are extremely reluctant to relinquish control of our evolutionary programs. After all, knowing full well that the truth will emerge and set humanity free, they are in a very tight spot indeed. As Winston Churchill once remarked, quoting a Hindustani proverb: “Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers from which they dare not dismount.”"

Sadly this Illuminati style of governance can also be seen in Malaysia as well. A shining example would be Semi Value. Samy refuses to dismount the tiger because he knows that it would be the last we see or hear of him. Same goes for all the other BN warlords. But as you have depicted with the deflating BN scale on your blog side bar shows, time is running out for them as well.

An ideology that allows slaughtering of another man is not a human ideology at all.
I'm happy for once that Malaysia has made some noise and UN has responded. I really hope something good comes out of it.