Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A nation lacking basic hygiene

Dirtiest among seven nations, the title read.

Online yesterday posted an article on it's front page yesterday regarding a recent hygiene survey done on seven countries, including Malaysia. The article continued...

"KUALA LUMPUR: Would you cook in your toilet? If hygiene is your primary concern, you might consider doing so.
A recent seven-country survey conducted by the Hygiene Council, a global panel of medical experts, found that Malaysian kitchens were more bacteria-infested than bathrooms.With dishcloths and kitchen sinks crawling with germs found in faeces, it is not only great food that's being cooked in our kitchens. Disease and infection are stewing there as well. Overall, Malaysian homes were found to be the dirtiest among all the countries studied, right after India. The cleanest abodes were found in Saudi Arabia..."

You can read the whole article here.

What got me even more worried is the fact that this survey was done in homes ( and 70% of the samples were highly contaminated with E.coli, a kind of bacteria found in human faeces).

Now, what do you think the outcome of this survey would have been like if it was carried out on our eateries outside. Most probably the finding would have been published in an article entitled "Malaysians eating shit at outside eateries".

So, Malaysians please, please give some priority to personal hygiene.

1)Please make sure you wash your hands with soap after using the toilet, even if you just took a leak. But, sadly, in Malaysia, the public toilets are a far cry from the word clean! Most of them don't even have running water, leave alone soap!

2) Please wash your hands with soap before eating, even if you had just washed your hands 10 minutes ago...or you might just end up eating shit!

3) Please make sure your children take a bath and clean themselves up after coming home from school. Do not allow them to touch anything in the kitchen, fridge or dining area unless they've at least washed their hands with soap.

4) Please make sure your maids and those babysitters wash their hands with soap as above and after changing your child's diaper. Also please make sure diapers are disposed off properly.

Here's a chart to show you the proper way to wash your hands.

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