Monday, December 22, 2008

Just For Laughs

Some funny ones to start your day. Imagine the tough times our teachers had to endure during our hey days? I know mine had a tough time, especially my geography teacher. Geography was my weakest subject and i remember once during an exam, i didn't know the name of the river on the question paper. It was long and winding, so i wrote "the long and winding river". The teacher minused one mark for that and i ended up choosing history for SPM.

Have a good monday morning people! (click on image to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

Dr. Saravanan,

Brilliant! Where and how did you get these???? Made my day indeed :-).

Sadly, I did not have such entertaining scripts when I was teaching or lecturing. I guess my austere look must have scared them off :-).

Hehehe Were you thinking of the Beatles The Long and Winding Road by any chance?

Have a wonderful end to this year and may you and your family be blessed for the next year...


mamasita said...

Hahahahahaha,Hai Doc?
What the hell?Laughter is the best medicine kan?hahahahaha

Kenny said...

remember Tiger's answer for Biology?
Kenapakah tikus B mati dan tikus A tidak mati? Kerana dia minum milo. Minum Milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat. Hehehe.
Remember Bernard's shoe print you fellas put up on the classroom ceiling? Those were the good old days.


I can't remember who, but someone e-mailed me this sometime ago and it was one of those days where i just didn't have time to read the whole mail and just pushed it into a folder for later reading. Was just going through that folder yesterday and it got me going. Thought i'd share it with others.

And yes, it had something to do with the Beatles. Hahahaha, see, now even that brought back some memories.

You usually come accross these kind of 'creative answers' in the public schools. Do you teach in a public institution?
The students in the private sector wouldn't dare to be crative as they pay for the knowledge that they are getting and that carries a different kind of weight...and you do not have an austere look. You do have that academic look though (and that is good). It has been nice knowing you Paula. It's nice to know Malaysians who still care. I hope you and all at home have a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderfull New Year.

laughter is the best medicine indeed. I punya favourite is the method used to determine the gender of a cat. Hahahaha, tergelak lagi aku ni bila teringatkan jawapan student tu.
I was from a boys school and i seen and done worse. Mischieve was our first name. Refering to gerard's story, i had a friend who's nick was tiger (real name = Haznirul Jaafar. We were into rap music back then and that's how he got the name Tiger).
During one the biology exams, there was this question on dominant and recessive genes. There were two rats exposed to some trigger. Rat B died but rat A did not. The question was : "kenapakah tikus B mati dan tikus A tidak mati". Tiger's answer was: "Kerana dia minum Milo. Minumla Milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat!"...he got two marks minused and a see me remark on the paper. Am still wondering how i became a doctor.

the good old days huh. Hehehe, remember Mrs. Chan (Geography) after P.E? Eh, how come all you fellas suddenly picked up English names huh? Took me some time to recollect most of them on Facebook.
Thanks for dropping by my blog bro.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Saravanan,

My whole family are Beatles fans and I believe that they shaped the form and style of pop music apart from setting standard that few can match...

I did not teach in a public institution. I taught for nine years in an international school and then lectured for another nine years at a local college before retiring to become CEO of the house :-).

:-) Actually, quite a number of students were scared of my demeanor and homework but since then, are now very good friends with me. That is the best reward of teaching because a relationship developed within the four walls of the classroom can be taken to a different level just because of the connection that is based on mutual respect and common experiences.

Thanks a lot too for your encouraging comments. Similarly, it has been wonderful to read your blog and to get to know you, and to know that you are a model in the medical profession who is a socially conscious citizen who cares beyond the four walls of the clinic/hospital.

Again, my best wishes to you and yours for this festive season and may the new year bring hope for all Malaysians!